Florida Vacation Rental Homes

Stay close to all the attractions in Orlando or Kissimmee with Florida vacation rental homes from PleasantStays. Enjoy luxurious accommodations; some homes are only minutes from popular attractions including Disney! Staying in a home or condo provides more privacy and more comfort than a hotel.
If you prefer to feel like you are at home while on vacation, PleasantStays provides homes and condos, fully decorated and furnished, with anywhere from three to seven bedrooms to meet your needs. For a family trip with extended family members or a reunion, PleasantStays provides ample space for everyone and includes extra features such as pools or spas in some homes. All vacation rental homes in Florida include full kitchens with stove, refrigerator and freezer to meet your needs.
We provide numerous listings with multiple price ranges, bedroom amounts and locations to meet your needs. Start your search for Orlando or Kissimmee, Florida, vacation home rentals here!
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