Accommodations near the Convention Center in Orlando

Planning to attend an event at the Convention Center in Orlando? Want to feel like you are in a home away from home? PleasantStays provides a wide selection of condos and homes to stay in, perfect for a large business group or vendors.
Rather than a hotel near the Convention Center, try our homes or condos. Homes feature a selection of four to seven bedrooms to accommodate your needs. For a longer stay, the full-service kitchen is perfect to reduce the amount of meals you eat out. Each home provides a comfortable, quiet and private setting to relax in the evening. Optional amenities include pool or spa. Be sure to check the checkbox for a pool or spa in your search to find homes with these features.
Enjoy the comfort of a home rather than a room at a hotel near the Convention Center. Our homes and condos are conveniently located near the Convention Center, so you can experience all the comforts of home, yet be close to your business or activities.
Search for your home or condo now.
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