Stay in a Condo or Home for a Kid-Friendly Vacation in Orlando

Take the whole family to Orlando and stay in a condo or home with full accommodations, including multiple bedrooms, full kitchen and living area. If you prefer a more private setting for your next trip, try a condo or family home for a vacation in Orlando. Many of the condos or homes include a pool, perfect for kids and the whole family! What’s a more kid-friendly vacation in Orlando than having all the sights and sounds of Disney, SeaWorld or Universal Studios during the day and a fun pool to jump in at night?
Each condo or home features all the amenities you would expect—living area, bedrooms, bathrooms and a full kitchen with freezer, refrigerator and stove. Our locations provide a range of options from six- or seven-bedroom homes to three- or four-bedroom homes, some with pullout sofas for extra sleeping space. All homes are in the Orlando area and close to the major attractions. So you can enjoy all the comforts of a home while on vacation.
Find the condo or family home for your vacation in Orlando right here! Browse our listings for more information.
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