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Planning a vacation to Orlando, Florida? A vacation rental awaits you at PleasantStays! We provide the best properties in the most popular destinations, including Orlando. Stay near Walt Disney or other great Orlando attractions in a home or rental. We provide all types of vacation rental homes in Orlando, Florida, from six-bedroom and seven-bedroom vacation homes to three- or four-bedroom homes. This is also a great solution for your corporate housing needs. If you plan to live in the area to conduct business, rent one of our homes for a more comfortable stay than a hotel.

Stay in luxury in an Orlando vacation rental home—some with in-ground pools—and close proximity to Orlando’s fun activities. Take the whole family on your Orlando, Florida, vacation. A rental from PleasantStays is sure to accommodate any size family comfortably with all the amenities you would expect from a hotel, but with more privacy.

Whether you need an Orlando vacation rental or corporate housing, PleasantStays is happy to accommodate you. Contact us today for more information on vacation rental homes in Orlando, Florida.
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