Advantages of a Vacation Home, Condo or Villa Rental

Are you planning your next trip to the Orlando area? Are you traveling with multiple families and need numerous hotel rooms for your Disney stay? Perhaps you are a Florida resident simply waiting for your new home to receive its final touches? Are you vacationing from abroad and would enjoy a comfortable home in the Orlando area? If you are currently in any of these situations or others, we have the ideal Orlando vacation home rentals for you to choose from.
By choosing any of our vacation homes, Orlando will be at your fingertips. Decide your prime vacation area locale, and we will find the vacation homes in Florida that fit your requirements. From the necessary number of rooms, to requests for a pool in the backyard and rentals within driving range of Disney or the beach, we have Orlando vacation home rentals ideal for you.
Make the focus of your next vacation spending time with your family, not worrying about the quality of your lodging. Each of our homes has passed intense rental inspections to ensure that you will receive one of the highest quality vacation homes in Florida. Each of our Disney vacation homes is in a prime location, near the major theme parks, but allowing you to stay in the private and comfortable surroundings of a luxury home. Relax and get away from the general public after a day at the theme parks with our Disney vacation homes. We have all of the beautiful vacation homes in Orlando that will make your vacation relaxing and memorable for the entire family.
PleasantStays provides a selection of the highest quality properties in each of our popular destinations. Since this may be your first time staying in a vacation home, we want to help to ensure that you discover the "best kept secret" in the lodging industry. While a majority of Travelers have had wonderful vacation rental experiences, there are some management companies and property owners who don't always have the guest's interests as a priority. We provide Travelers the opportunity to see the exact property that you will stay in. Larger management companies normally will promise you only a home type. This is great from an efficiency standpoint, but you as a Traveler are left wondering about the location and the quality of the home until you walk in the door. We put you in touch with a network of smaller management companies that are more than happy to provide you with all of the necessary details you request until you are satisfied that you have found the perfect home. Our powerful search engine allows you to quickly narrow your search to only the properties that meet your criteria and are available. You are also provided the exact price that you will have to pay before you make a reservation. We also provide you an online account that you can access from any web browser to check the photos and details, see your reservation status and track payment history. PleasantStays provides you with comfort, quality and peace of mind.
  • Our company is based in Orlando, Florida so we know vacation rental homes near Disney better than anyone!
  • We only list premium vacation homes that have met our rigid quality standards
  • All of our vacation rental homes are within 15 minutes of the Disney World attractions
  • Our Disney Vacation Homes are licensed and are located in neighborhoods approved for short-term vacation rentals
  • We let you decide which home that you want to stay in... don't let someone else try to convince you that it is to your advantage not to know what home you will be staying in before you arrive
  • Quickly search for vacation rental homes that meet your requirements - view only available properties with detailed descriptions and more photographs!
  • Get detailed price quotes including taxes and additonal charges such as pool and spa heat - no hidden charges!
  • Make reservations online 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Online "My Account" from our home page provides you quick access to your reservation, management company contact information, due dates, payment history and more!
  • Reliable business with a proven track record registered with the Better Business Bureau and Dunn & Bradstreet - Our goal is to do for the vacation rental industry what the Better Business Bureau does for business
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